Massage Therapy

Licensed and registered massage therapists perform all of our treatments.

All massage treatments are approximately 55 minutes unless otherwise indicated. You may add 30 minutes to any of our 55 minute treatments for an additional $35.

Types of Treatments:
Full Body Swedish Massage  purchase gift certificate
Our most customizable massage, this massage targets the entire body - head, neck, shoulders, arms, legs and back. You can tailor your massage by asking your therapist to focus on certain areas, and specifying your desired pressure. Light, medium, firm or deep pressure is available and there is never an additional charge for firm or deep pressure. -55 minutes
Champagne Couples Massage  purchase gift certificate
Bring in your sweetie and experience the joy of massage therapy together. Enjoy a glass of champagne before a full-body Swedish Massage in our couple’s room. -55 minutes
Partial Swedish Massage  purchase gift certificate
A treatment that targets specified areas in need of treatment or relief. Great for a lunch break or clients that get impatient on the table. -25 minutes
Aromatherapy Massage  purchase gift certificate
Aromatherapy incorporates the use of essential oils with massage to provide a powerful and soothing effect. This treatment, more than 5,000 years old, offers a variety of oils to choose from. -55 minutes
Warm Stone Massage Therapy  purchase gift certificate
One of our most requested treatments, the warm stone massage takes the ancient practice of using warm stones to induce a deep state of relaxation to soothe aches, pains and relieve stress. -55 minutes
Sports Massage  purchase gift certificate
This massage is tailored specifically to professional and weekend athletes. A sports massage focuses on stretching and working the muscles rather than inducing a relaxed state. -55 minutes
Prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage  purchase gift certificate
Our therapists use custom cushions designed to support the expecting mother’s body, no matter what stage or trimester they’re in, during this massage to provide the most relaxing treatment. Note: We require our prenatal clients to be at least 13 weeks along before they receive any treatments. -55 minutes
Four-Hands Massage  purchase gift certificate
Double your indulgence! This massage uses not one but two therapists working simultaneously on your body, providing the most luxurious (and lavish) of treatments! -55 minutes
Reflexology  purchase gift certificate
A treatment relieving muscular tension and reducing stress by the art of reflexology, a deep and relaxing foot massage. Experience the treatment alone or add it on to one of our massages. -25 minutes